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@yuvalyeret Great tip from Commitment book – another reason to monitor WIP is that high WIP indicates hidden queues/blocks
@cyrillederuel Le #Kanban expliqué à des étudiants
@djaa_dja #kanban systems replace DBR because the bottleneck is prone to move around rapidly. Throughout accounting has no place to play
@rodrigoy « You wouldn’t use Kanban if senior management consists of impatient revolutionaries » @djaa_dja on @InfoQ #LKNA13
@ddelapava The #TOC philosophy is clear: not everything is worth improving… Focus efforts where they can have the most effect #Kanban
@ourfounder Your process assumptions are assumptions. Build an A3. Test them. Track them. #kanban #leanstartup #agile #lean
@hakanforss We can’t understand a complex system if we can’t see it and see how a small change will actual change will effect it ~ Jeffrey Liker #lean
@djaa_dja @leankitjon goal would be to raise awareness of #kanban as « alternative path to agility »