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@hsutton Your job is not to do #Scrum/#Kanban/<insert method>.
It is to learn, reduce risk, seek and deliver valuable software/service regularly
If you focus on averages you lose improvement opportunity. Customers experience a range. Explore it. @LeanVoices #lkna
@asplake nice dependencies board, but remember that less WIP means fewer dependencies #lkna13
@PeggyDrew3 Typical15% of cycle time is active dev, rest is time blocked or in queues. what value on perfect active dev estimate? @t_magennis #lkna13
@hakanforss Focus your process improvement efforts on reducing lead time by reducing the waiting time. Reduce WIP, reduce batch size #LKNA13
@hakanforss as we estimate effort(touch time) we only estimate the 15% part of the lead time. Very low impact on lead time
@pawelbrodzinski Instead prioritizing features ask how they help to achieve the business goal. Many of them don’t.