Kanban Digest #12, c’est le meilleur du #Kanban vu sur le web cette semaine

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pawelbrodzinski Any best effort on team-level will be totally ruined when there’s chaos on project/product portfolio level. #llkd13
pawelbrodzinski Awesome connection built by @djaa_dja between maturity assessment as trigger for @hakanforss Kanban Kata #llkd13
pawelbrodzinski « You scale Kanban by not scaling it » @djaa_dja #llkd13
 pawelbrodzinski Part of setting explicit policies: who and when has the authority to violate or change policies @djaa_dja #llkd13
benjaminm « When you’re not specific [with advice], it gives people an opportunity to innovate [e.g. limit WIP vs use a board] » @agilemanager #llkd13
pawelbrodzinski The keyword of Kanban is evolution @djaa_dja #llkd13
allankellynet too many stop at ‘eliminate waste’ – flow trumps waste, value trumps flow #llkd13
arsagilis #Lean #UX process fits perfectly into the wider perspective of #Kanban combined with real options! @PatrickSteyaert #llkd13
pawelbrodzinski The more complex process we try to map the less likely we can come up with reasonable explicit WIP limits #llkd13
djaa_dja « Don’t commit early in order to minimize the cost of failure » @PatrickSteyaert #llkd13 #Kanban
cyetain long feed back loops make it harder to associate behavior with results. Cycle time isn’t the goal… it is a precursor.
M0N4K0 Key #Kanban Lesson: if you focus on Throughput, quality drops. And then what? Bugs, tech debt, slow throughput @KanbanDan #LLKD13
pawelbrodzinski You can recognize CFD from 100 meters. Also you can tell whether team is improving or not. Awesomeness of visualization. #llkd13 @chrisvmcd
@PatrickSteyaert #llkd13 adding a validation column at the end of the kanban board seems to be current trend, it is only a start to get learning going though
@LeanKit Kanban tip: Limiting WIP in the system to the capacity of the bottleneck will create slack elsewhere. Focus slack in helping the bottleneck