Kanban Digest #25

Kanban Digest #25, c’est le meilleur du #Kanban vu sur le web cette semaine.

Lu sur twitter

@kateterlecka: Stop telling people that #kanban is #agile. Kanban CAN BE agile and you have to make it!

How is your #Kanban lying to you today ? No #continuous improvement if we believe the system is perfect #AgileIL12 @ourfounder keynote

@troytuttle If you are really running a pull system, you can dispense with a considerable amount of planning and coordination around schedule.#kanban

@J_Boeg: Takeaways from #klrat: « No flow » #kanban boards (tickets do not move) can still be an excellent information radiator and limit wip

@oydBrayshay Knowing what makes a Kanban system work isn’t the same as knowing what makes YOUR Kanban system work #Kanban #lean #kata

Vu sur YouTube

Mapping a Value Stream to a Kanban Board par Alan Shalloway à voir ici (via @romaincouturier)