Kanban Digest #11, c’est le meilleur du #Kanban trouvé sur le web cette semaine

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Lu sur Twitter

@agilemanager affirmatives are always dangerous without context info but yes generally #Kanban was designed for challenged « #agile transitions »
@djaa_dja Strong risk management is a higher maturity behavior. It’s good that #Kanban helps accelerate improved organizational maturity
@jlindenreed Don’t prioritize. Allocate capacity according to risk profile assessment. Via @djaa_dja #kanban
@hakanforssYour Kanban system should be aligned with your strategic position @djaa_dja #sssf2013 #portfoliomanagmentAligning Creative work with Business Risk
@jlindenreedCall it a Pool of Ideas, or Options, not a Backlog. They are uncommitted ideas. Prioritizing them is wasteful. Via @djaa_dja #kanbanEt@staffannoteberg « The word ‘Backlog’ connotates commited work. Concept ‘Pool of ideas’ is better. » — @djaa_dja at #sssf2013
@hakanforss The Kanban board is a pivot of your actual process. Going from the implicit to the explicit. @staffannoteberg #sssf2013
@staffannoteberg‘s message of « don’t design the solution, evolve w/ small experiments » #Kanban #sssf2013
@asplake Glad to hear people associating « Start with what you do now » with the word « Understanding ». Wish I was there at #sssf2013!
@ketilj @henrikkniberg Organizations with slack are faster than organizations where the goal is to keep people busy all the time. #sssf2013
@djaa_dja I wish I’d thought to include « Banish grooming. Grooming is waste » in my key note. Instead develop options understanding cost #sssf2013
@Dan_SB The phrase « transition to #Kanban » should be banned. Just start where u are, embrace t principles, continually improve
@brigittepfeifer #kanban method « installs evolutionary « DNA » in your organization » @djaa_dja#quote